pvc双壁波纹管怎样连接 How to connect PVC double wall bellows

波纹管广泛应用于市政排水、排污管;工业排水、排污、低压输水管;农业低压灌溉输排水管;电力电缆保护管;广电有线电视电缆保护管;邮电通信供电信号系统网络管;公路的排水管和交通信号导管;城建的街道照明和交能信号系统导管;环保中的低压排污管. 聚氯乙烯(PVC)管道是其第二大消费领域,聚氯乙烯管较PE管和PP管开发早,品种多,性能优良,使用范围广,在市场上占有重要位置.

Corrugated pipes are widely used in municipal drainage and sewage pipes; industrial drainage, sewage, and low-pressure water pipes; agricultural low-pressure irrigation pipes; power cable protection pipes; radio and television cable protection pipes; post and telecommunications power supply signal system network pipes; road drainage Pipes and traffic signal ducts; urban construction street lighting and traffic signal system ducts; low-pressure sewage pipes in environmental protection. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are the second largest consumer area. Polyvinyl chloride pipes are more developed than PE pipes and PP pipes Early, many varieties, excellent performance, wide range of use, occupy an important position in the market.








PVC double wall corrugated pipe connection method

Generally divided into three types: sleeve connection, socket connection, heat shrinkable belt connection. According to the actual construction conditions, different connection methods can be adopted, such as severe water seepage in the groove, sleeve connection and socket connection are generally used Both.

1.Put it directly into the inspection well, and cement the mortar around the pipe mouth into the inner wall of the inspection well.

2. The rubber ring joint method can use a self-expanding rubber ring joint. When installing, a self-expanding rubber seal can be sleeved on the pipe end and inserted into the well wall together with the pipe.

3. The PVC corrugated pipe is connected with the pipe fittings, that is, the custom-made pipe fittings are used, which are embedded in the inspection well and then connected to the pipeline.

There are various connection methods and reliable connections: electric heat fusion connection, heat shrinkable belt connection, internal and external extrusion welding or a combination of multiple connections can be used to ensure a reliable connection. Reliable connection can make the pipeline reach zero leakage.


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