PVC加筋管与传统排水管相比较 Comparing PVC reinforced pipes with traditional drainage pipes








(1) Reinforced pipe is a flexible pipe that can withstand large axial flexures. The elastic rubber ring connection method has a good anti-leakage function. Leakage will not appear when the ground is unevenly settled, which is equivalent to soft ground. Good adaptability.

(2) The ring stiffness of the reinforced pipe is high, the lateral strength is large, the resistance is good, and it can accept large buried soil loads and other pressures on the road.

(3) The reinforced pipe is light in weight, convenient for transportation, transfer and loading and unloading, which brings great convenience to the construction, reduces the labor intensity of the construction personnel, does not require mechanical lifting operations, speeds up the construction power, and reduces construction costs.

(4) The inner wall of the reinforced pipe is lubricated. Compared with the concrete pipe of the same caliber, the reinforced pipe can increase the flow by about half. The inner wall of the lubricated pipe is not easy to form a blockage, which can correspondingly reduce the inspection and repair costs and reduce the engineering cost.

(5) The connection device of the reinforced pipe is fast. Even for a large-diameter reinforced pipe, it only takes a few minutes for 2-3 skilled workers to complete an interface. Reinforced pipes have lower requirements for the foundation and backfill materials, but the backfill materials with good materials can greatly exert the bearing capacity of the pipes.

(6) Reinforced pipes have outstanding corrosion resistance, and are not affected by the surrounding soil, water quality and general transport media. The stiffener can also be embedded in the surrounding backfill data, which manages the expansion and contraction of the pipe due to changes in ambient temperature, making the normal service life of the stiffened pipe more than 50 years.

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